Fabliss Nails Studio - Testimonials
Fabliss Nails Studio  - By Tina


The level of service at Fabliss Nails Studio & Training Center is as they say Fabliss. Having been a customer for several years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of Educators and the Director. They are Greathearted, enthusiastic, energetic, and most positive professionals,  I have come in contact with in a long time. Having spent over 35 years in the Industry, as an Educator and School Director, I would Highly recommend the team of Fabliss Nails for all your Nail Care Classes, as well as didactic classes, in Anatomy, First Aid in the Salon, Infection Control, Motivating for Success, and Salon Management,as well as General Cosmetology Studies.   Thank you, and continued success to this great team!”
Elaine Vick

It’s hard to find a manicurist you can trust. Fabliss Nails Studio & Training Center was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Tina is a dear friend and stands above any manicurist I have met in awhile. during my time in the Industry we didn't do all this fancy stuff, She continues to impress me with her talent and continued dedication to the Industry.  Keep up the good work!”
Jackie Oliver
(my dear friend Jackie lost her battle with pancreatic cancer in the summer of 2010 her son has granted permission to post the letter she had written to me.)

Congrats on your new website. I wish you continued success with your Studio & Training Center. You are unbelievable at what you do and your desire to share it with others inspires me! I am lucky to have been one of your students and more importantly your friend. Love ya T ~ Nancy

Your possitive attitude and constant uplifting words are so powerful! I hope you know how much of an impact you have on other's. I'm praying for continued blessings for you.
Nancy DiLeva

To Whom It May Concern:
   I found this website while browsing on the web and decided to call, I was impressed by Ms. Tina, she is very professional, inspiring, and made me want to be better than I ever thought i could. I invited her to my salon, my staff was so excited and motivated when she left, our goals are set and my team is doing better business than I could have dreamed, our clients have made comments "its such a happy place, everyone is so excited and personable".I would recommend Ms. Tina to every salon or school she can get to! you will be happy you made the call.
Thanks a million Ms. Tina!

July 2012: I invited Ms. Porter to come in and conduct a staff meeting for my Instructors and Trainees. While sitting and watching, listening intensely, I realized Ms. Porter had captivated attention of my employees, to the point the were tracking her every movement, taking notes and have put into action, all of the points she suggested. quite funny my students are asking "what are we doing in theory tomorrow?" Thank You Ms. Porter!! I look forward to having you back!!